Re-enactment Groups



Reenactment Mercenaries are a reenactment group that primarily offers some of the finest fighting displays in the North of England. At each show we aim to entertain and educate the public by showing the fighting styles of the chosen period, this could be anything from Roman and Celtic reenactment to Anglo Saxon and Viking reenactment.










Vanguard is a medieval reenactment group (primarily portraying the 13th century) that offers displays of living history and can field fighters.

Typically, shows put on by Vanguard are reminiscent of Knights' Tournaments and have several households pitted against each other, before returning to camp to view the civilian side of life.



Northern World War II Association


Established in 2005 the Northern World War II Association is an organisation that unites a variety of 1940’s living history & re-enactment groups. Each group portrays a different aspect of the second world war and by linking these individual groups into a single association our aim is to try to give visitors a feel for what it was like to live through, one of the largest and bloodiest conflicts in human history.




Civil War




The ACWS is the largest American Civil War re-enactment society in the UK. Members are drawn from all walks of life and come from all parts of the country.


ACWS offers people the opportunity to experience 'living history' in the form of battles, displays of period medical techniques, authentic camps, civilian life, military drill and the portrayal of period events.


Best of Times



The Best of Times, The Worst of Times Re-enactment Society.

A living history display encampment of a Late Tudor/Elizabethan Household.
See what we do, from our food cooking on the open fire to where we sleep in the period tents. Make learning about history fun for the kids to getting the family involved playing the games of the period.






Time Travelling Tea Tent



Dr Davis & Lady Barnes present...


The Time Travelling Tea Tent
A personal adventure with tea and visitors always welcome.
















Acle - Early Medieval Re-enactment Group are coming to the show .The name 'Acle', or Acley, Ackley or Aclea, derives from the Anglo-Saxon for 'oak grove'. Though our group is based in Newton Aycliffe our membership is spread throughout Co Durham. Our group aims to represent and re-enact military and civilian life in the early 10th century in our area; though our group can also portray all periods from the first Viking invasions in the late 8th century, and settlement, through to the Norman invasion in 1066.









4th Guards Tank Corps


This T34/85 is an example of what is sometimes referred to as "Production 45", the hull of which was produced from late 1944 onwards. However, the turret is a later variant, referred to as a "Production 46" , a late war 1945 example. The most distinctive identifying feature of both variants was the turret roof ventilation domes. The "Production 45" turret had twin domes situated behind the commanders cupola. The "Production 46" had separate 'mushroom' style domes, one situated in front and the other behind the commanders cupola. Some variations, of which a few models only had a single ventilation dome behind the commanders cupola and other examples of late 1944 production models which also had separate 'mushroom' domes the same as the "Production 46". The most common model was the twin dome variant.




Rosa Mundi


Rosa Mund

Rosa Mundi is one of the premier 15c re-enactment groups in the UK.

Formed in the mid ‘80s and performing ‘tournament type displays, it was noticed that the members of the public wanted to talk and try out the equipment that we were using.

Since then Rosa Mundi have perfected a style of presenting re- enactment and living history displays while fully interacting with members of the public. We display multiple aspects of 15c century life, and specialise in the ‘Wars of the Roses’ period between 1475 and 1500, a period that saw the end of the Plantagenets, the rise of the Tudors , and the start of the renaissance







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