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Combined Forces Living History Group.


The group represents the army ,navy & raf from 1939-1945. Everyone had a part to play during the war and they done it to there best ability our group displays uniforms, equipment and weapons , our aim is to keep the spirit and history of the men and women of ww2 alive.











Comitatus Aquila, Crusade Re-enactment.


We are a historical re-enactment group, based at in the surrounding areas of Middlesbrough. We are part of the nationwide society of Crusade, naturally we re-enact Crusading times notably 1st, 2nd and 3rd Crusade. We also re-enact the War of the Roses time, portraying a group of German Mercenaries fighting on the side of the Yorkists. We can also cover the Dark Ages from old Vikings up to 1066. We also dabble in the Napoleonic era portraying the Duke of Brunswick’s Black Horde army and a mix of American militia, Native American warriors and English Naval Crew during the War of 1812.







Forces 80


is a living History Group set up in 2005. It regularly displays at events the uniforms , equipment and weapons of the British Armed Forces from 1979 through to 1990.

Check out our web site at: www.forces80.com












Re-enactment Mercenaries is Viking, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic reenactment group based in North of England.

We believe in quality over quantity with our fighting displays / demonstrations, which aim to not only entertain but educate!







The North East Land Sea and Air Museum's Ridley's Aeroplane projects static replica Morane Saulnier N WW 1 aircraft will be attending!













Vanguard is a medieval reenactment group (primarily portraying the 13th century) that offers displays of living history and can field fighters.







Best of time - Worst of times living history group.











Sgt Gander


Meet Sgt. Gander! Hear about this truly brave and inspiring dog who saved his army comrades. A true story of valor, heroism, and sacrifice.










The Ridley Aeroplane Project.


The North East Land Sea and Air Museum (NELSAM) has received £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a project, Ridley’s Aeroplane in Sunderland.

The project will see the museum work with schoolchildren across the North East to build a static replica of a 1916 Morane Type N ‘Bullet’ monoplane, one of the smallest aircraft flown by the allies in the First World War.

The project will also tell the story of its pilot, relatively unknown Sunderland hero Claud Ridley and the role of North East aviators.



The 13th Guards Rifle Division


The 13th Guards Rifle Division is a living history group those aim is to accurately portray the men and women of the Red Army who served during World War Two, or The Great Patriotic War as it is known in Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union.









Members of the Durham Tees Valley Military Vehicle Club are attending with a variety of WW2 and later military vehicles.










Members of the North East Military Vehicle Club are also attending with a similar variety of military vehicles.












Early Medieval Re-enactment Group are coming to the show .The name 'Acle', or Acley, Ackley or Aclea, derives from the Anglo-Saxon for 'oak grove'. Though our group is based in Newton Aycliffe our membership is spread throughout Co Durham. Our group aims to represent and re-enact military and civilian life in the early 10th century in our area; though our group can also portray all periods from the first Viking invasions in the late 8th century, and settlement, through to the Norman invasion in 1066.





Rosa Mundi


is one of the premier 15c re-enactment groups in the UK.

Formed in the mid ‘80s and  performing ‘tournament type displays, it was noticed that the members of the public wanted to talk and try out the equipment that we were using.

Since then Rosa Mundi have perfected a style of presenting  re- enactment  and living history displays while fully interacting with members of the public. We display multiple aspects of 15c century life, and specialise in the ‘Wars of the Roses’ period between 1475 and 1500, a period that saw the end of the Plantagenets, the rise of the Tudors , and the start of the renaissance.







The Historic Commercial Vehicle Society (Durham Branch) will be putting on a display of vintage commercial vehicles.







29th Field Kitchen


Dr Davis & Lady Barnes present...The Time Travelling Tea Tent!


It turns out that we are a Steampunk Interactive Installation drinking Tea in random times and places so that you don't have to










Khaki Bloomers REME/ATS







Learn all about the Roman Army at the Museum of Archaeology today, with Roma Antiqua re-enactment group who will be turning the clock back 2000 years to demonstrate the life and skills of the Roman Army.









Britannia XIV


Britannia XIV is a medieval re-enactment group recreating the life, crafts and wars of Scottish Independence.

To achieve this we endeavour to research and explore the period to a high degree of detail using information gleaned to further our various projects.

Most of these projects rely on historical crafts such as spinning, weaving, sewing, cooking, wood carving, wood turning, maille weaving, armouring and blacksmithing. Many of which are practised and where possible taught by our members.


29th Field Kitchen


The 29th Field Kitchen


The 29th Field Kitchen was set up by a group of five military history enthusiasts to provide authentic wartime catering at WWI and WWII re-enactment events.  The group have original Soyer Cookers and use authentic wartime recipies and equipment.











NWW2A (Northern World War II Association)









29th Field Kitchen


We are Dunholm, a re-enactment group based in the beautiful ancient City of Durham. We're part of The Vikings; a national living history organisation dedicated to re-enacting life in the 10th century. We are a friendly group, with members from across the North East of England; and we're always happy to hear from new prospective recruits.







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